Ryan Loughridge is a photographer and video producer based in Southern California. As a teenager, his involvement in skateboarding and snowboarding lead him to pursue a career in the multimedia field. While receiving an education at Brooks Institute, Ryan was presented with a Bronze medal in the 64th Annual College Photographer Of the Year competition. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts from Brooks in June of 2010, he was invited to attended the prestigious XXIII Eddie Adams Workshop, a workshop that selects 100 attendees from all of the world each year.

As a professional photographer Loughridge has had print work featured in a variety of publications, museums and galleries. His video and multimedia work has been showcased in conjunction with a number of major action sports companies including the likes of DC Shoes and RedBull.

Ryan’s work is rooted in a documentary approach aimed at harmonizing aesthetics and the raw story to create images with purpose and intention.

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